Why is Social media marketing important in 2021?

01.04.21 04:04 PM By Ankit

Published by Meera Aashika 

There was once a time where Television advertisement, billboards and pamphlets were ramping the marketing business. With progressed internet usage and social media applications like Facebook, Instagram and Google, the advertisement industry has changed its pathway to social media applications which are easy to attract new and potential customers. 

With the ongoing digital presence and having the right content, using social media platforms makes it effortless to interact with your customers by utilizing the platforms effectively, thus helping your business to grow exponentially. 

Here’s how to make your business stand out in the marketing domain.

  1. Creating the content relevant to your business along with posters, generate usable hashtags, curate the content, brand keywords and hashtag monitoring.

  2. Sell your products on social media.

  3. Connect with people emotionally about your business, that's when you start grabbing people's attention.

  4. Showcase personal aspects of your professional business and create experiences for your tribe. 

  5. Having a working strategy and lastly dedication.

Social media

It’s always important to hire a social media marketing manager or social media strategist who can tailor the content that best suits for your business. The soul of social media marketing is the content, without interesting content, the engagement drops and the reach falls, so does all the benefits of social medial – the traffic, the leads, the followers. It’s a bit of a negative loop.

Here are few steps to improve your social media engagement:

  1. Posting on social media every day - Keep it creative, create unique content.

  2. Creating interactive stories that include polls, questions.

  3. Having a webinar, giveaways and contests.

  4. Creating blog posts that harmonize the current trends and needs.

  5. Gathering feedback for your organization.

  6. Being up-to-date on all social media platforms.

  7. Announcing your new arrivals and news to keep the audience/customers attention to your brand, creating more brand awareness.

Other marketing Platforms suitable for business are  - Email marketing, LinkedIn for business, Ad campaigns, Google Ads, Email ads, Twitter. These need to be effectively and efficiently used since every platform work on different algorithms.

Email: info@squarespirit.ie to learn more about what strategy and social media applications work well for your business. 

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Published by Meera Aashika 

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